Chapman Fine Arts, The Union Gallery, The Birmingham Art Festival, Gallery La General Paris, Transmedial Art Festival Berlin, General Public Gallery Berlin, B22 Hamburg, LACMA, Illoulian Contemporary Los Angeles, Strand Gallery London, The Cob Gallery London, The Moving Museum, Born This Way Foundation Art Basel Miami Beach, SXSW Lady Gaga show, Jeffrey Deitch private performance, Hat Box Gallery Frieze Art Fair NYC, and Brooklyn Museum Gala Art Basel Miami Beach, Rainbow Body pop-up Beverly Hills, Gazelli Art House London, Art & Fashion Forum Poland, National Arts Club NYC, MOCA Miami.

‘’Millie’s international background, passion for travelling and love of colour has lead to a global exploration of artistic expression. Colour and close friendships remain at the forefront of her work where personal expression and pushing bodily boundaries are fundamental elements.’’ - ID MAGAZINE


2015, Rainbow Body Performance Presented by MOCA Miami & ArtCapsul, curated by Stacy Engman in conjunction with Ellen Von Unwerth’s art series ‘Wilden’ featuring the artist, during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Rainbow Body Performance, 4 day durational piece at Gazelli Art House during Frieze Art Fair London.

Rainbow Body Performance, 4 day durational piece at Art & Fashion Forum Poland, curated by Grazyna kulczyk.

2014, Suspended by Optimism, Creative Royalty : A Celebration of Women in Art, a fundraiser for Brooklyn Museum Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art and School of Doodle, Curated by Nicole Ehrlich for Art Basel Miami Beach, Fl.

Wilting Point, Hatbox Gallery. In Collaboration with V Magazine & Visionaire for Frieze Art Fair, New York, NY.

Jeffrey Deitch private birthday performance at his Los Angeles
residence. Swine, Live performance collaboration with Lady Gaga for her SXSW show, Austin, Tx.

Breaking the Body’s Boundaries: Performance and Artist Talk, University of Toronto, Curated by Allison Leadley and Kelsy Vivash, Toronto, Canada.

2013, Born This Way Foundation Benefit, Curated by Nicole Ehrlich in collaboration with 5D- Society & Paddle 8, Art Basel Miami Beach, Fl.

2010, Rart Order: Performance and interactive life drawing, Bistroteque, Curated by Leanne Elliot, London, UK.

2008, Late at Tate, Tate Britain, Curated by Andrew Hunt, alongside works by Theo Adams, Matthew Stone and Boo Saville, London, UK.

2007, Fash-Off: Live Performance, SHOWstudio, Curated by Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight, London, UK.

Future Hindsight, The Union Gallery, Performance for Matthew Stone’s exhibition opening, London, UK.

The Children of !WOWOW!, Transmediale Festival, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt Transmediale, Berlin, Germany.

The Event, The Old Train Station, Curated by Andy Hunt, !WOWOW! Intervention in conjunction with The International Project Space, Bournville Centre for Visual Arts, Birmingham, UK.

2006, Switch On/Off, Chapman Fine Arts, Curated by Mark McGowen, London, UK. 2005, A Home for Lost Ideas, Public Gallery Berlin,
Germany. Optimism as Cultural Rebellion !WOWOW! Area 10, London, UK. Rising Tendencies Towards a United State of Mind !WOWOW! Kwik Fit Garage, Peckham, UK


2015, Rainbow Body, Curated by Nicole Ehrlich and Nathaly Charria, Los Angeles, Ca. 2013, Muted Chronology, Strand Gallery, Curated by Alexander Proud, London, UK. 2012, Celestial Bodies, Illoulian Contempory, Curated by Candice Illoulian, Los Angeles, Ca. 2010, Series Black, Arthur And Albert Gallery, Curated by Zoniel & Walter Hugo, London, UK.


2015, Park Life Gallery, Curated by Andrew Schoultz and Patrick Martinez, San Francisco, Ca.

2013, From !WOWOW! to Now Now! : Open Heart Surgery, The Moving Museum, Curated by Lucky PDF, alongside works by Matthew Stone, Boo Saville, Adham Faramawy, James Balmforth, Gareth Pugh, London, UK.

In Dreams, The Cob Gallery, Curated by Victoria Williams, Cassie Beadle and Rachel Chudley, along- side archived works by William Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, Allen Ginsberg, Richard Ham- ilton, Robert Hawkins, Agnus McBean, Juergen Teller, London, UK.

2012, LACMA Muse ArtWalk, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Curated by Filter Foundry, alongside works by Retna, Los Angeles, Ca.

Love Bailey’s Showbiz Ball (Performance Film screening), Curated by Brett Bailey in association with Schon Magazine, Los Angeles, Ca.

2007, Divination II, La Generale, Paris, France. Performance film screening. URA! Part II, URA Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey. Performance film screening. Divination I, B22, Hamburg, Germany. Performance film screening.

The Event, The Old Train Station (curated by Andy Hunt), !WOWOW! Intervention in conjunction with The International Project Space, Bournville Centre for Visual Arts, Birmingham, UK.