Blinded by the Light: In collaboration with the Marina Abramovic Institute

Over the course of four days, Millie Brown will immerse herself in a room of light and looping sound, while grains of sand gradually fall onto her head and body until she is completely covered. The performance will result in Brown buried in a pyramid of sand, physically marking time. Brown explores elements of stillness, time, and meditation in this work, while inviting the public to share moments of deep concentration. Through four cycles of the sun, Brown will continuously submerse herself in light, allowing her body and mind to absorb its energy in all forms: physically, sonically, and symbolically. Focusing on the actual sound of the sun, she aims to transcend into a state of pure light.

This work is an extension of Brown’s interest in exploring durational time­based art. In the artist’s own words, “bathed in a singular column of light from ceiling to floor, with a constant stream of sand falling from above representing the time of light decelerated to allow myself to exist in an alternate plane of time in space. My body will be immersed in a pyramid of light and time, creating a vessel, in which I will solely exist throughout the performance.” Brown will engage with traditional methods of passing time in eastern religion. The sound component of the piece is appropriated from NASA recordings of the sound of sun, collected by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft, launched into orbit in 1995.